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Business Website

Octave infosys is the easiest way to build a professional looking business website. We Develop Consulting & Coaching Adverting & Marketing Automotive & Cars Real Estate etc.

Responsive Website

Responsive websites respond to the size of the device that is viewing it. These sites are built on a grid which when seen on a thin smartphone screen will change dimension to fit neat and snug on the screen.


Mobile Website

With over 2 billion people in the world in possession of a smartphone, it would be silly not to get your business a mobile compatible website. Mobile websites load a lot quicker than conventional websites and content is optimised for simplistic browsing.

Product/Catalogue Websites

A CMS Product website is what it says on the tin! CMS or Content Management System is the administration software that integrates into your site where you log in with a username and password and then start uploading images of your products.


School or College Websites

A school website gives the information about the school, staff, students, etc. A College website will too have the information about the college, courses (which they offer), staff of college instructors, etc

Photography Website

Create a stunning portfolio for your photography and showcase your work in the highest quality online. We also Develop Artist Website.

Octave Infosys

Octave Infosys